Issue 190

April 2014

Speculative Fiction

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In The Next Issue...

By Kevin J. Phyland

By Tom Grayhorse

Lobos (Part 2)
By Shaun A. Saunders

By Jeremy Huppatz

Malaita: Confession Time
By Wes Parish

Panic & Death
By Jason Barney

Beer Gut
by Michael Schaper

Under Attack
by David Scholes

Room For All?
by Ed Errington

Fifty Worders

No More Than Fifty Words

By Ed Errington

Disciplined to write prose using exactly fifty-words, the ancient wordsmith casts the world's greatest stories into one single work.
It raises questions but gives no answers regarding the true meaning of life.
Then in an inspired moment, he realizes the clue lay in the fifty-first word. And that word is


Take Me Literally

By Kathryn Flaherty

The Kingdom had been saved. Sir Hildmein was ready to claim his reward. The Princess's hand was his. She approached as a golden vision, his heart's desire. He reached out and she placed her hand in his. Then she walked away waving her bloody stump at the cheering crowd.


Mappa Mundi in Jean Mansel's
"La Fleur des Histoires"

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Featured Books

bodies-marlowe-covStrange Bodies (A Crime Thriller)

By Antonia Marlowe



Tortured, and brutally murdered, the bodies of the Richardsons hang from a tree deep in the forests of the Blue Mountains

Australia in 2067, an oasis in a world which has barely survived climate change, terrorism and food wars. The Richardsons' deaths are just two of several brutal murders to be unearthed. With local police stymied, former Scotland Yard Commander, Nicholas Adams and his team, are called in. But even with the extensive surveillance of central computer BigSys and the pervasive eyes of cameras that cover so much of the country, it takes the skills of the attractive Verity Burne – computer wizard and freelance feature writer – to uncover the links between the homicides that lead to the discovery of past injustices and a thirst for bloody vengeance.


circle-6-covThe Circle of Six

By Dan Sanders

Hawkmoth Publishing



The Twin worlds of Earth and Annwyn are in crisis: the seasons are out of balance and the worlds are dying. Their only hope is Daimon, an Athenian boy, and a small bird named Emily.

Dragged through a portal between the two worlds, Emily almost dies in the snow. Eostra, Mother Spring, saves Emily's life and transforms her into a snow rabbit. Now Emily's quest begins, and with Daimon as her protector, she must decipher the prophecy and gather The Circle of Six, beings of great power called on in times of darkness upon the land.

An Air-Elf, a young scholar, a prince and a fire-tiger are the reluctant and final members of the Six, called upon to aid Daimon and Emily.


perfect-theory-covThe Perfect Theory
A Century of Geniuses and the Battle over General Relativity

Pedro G. Ferreira

Non-Fiction (Popular Science)

Hachette Australia

An engaging popular history of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, taking in the sheer magnificence of its discovery, as well as the infighting that the theory sparked across a century.

Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is possibly the most perfect intellectual achievement in modern physics. Anything that involves gravity, the force that powers everything on the largest, hottest or densest of scales, can be explained by it.