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Coming In Issue 200

Authentic Empathy
by Mark Webb

A Giant Leap For A Man
by Sean Williams

The Meat From The Butcher
by Shaun A Saunders

Where The Last Humans Went
by Edwina Harvey

Closer To God
by Martin Livings

Real Virtuality
by Rob Bleckly

When No One Remembers
by Kathryn Flaherty

Masses to Masses
by Liz Heldmann

by Christine Gladstone

The Kangaroos of Sicily
by Michael T Schaper

Insecure Alternation
by Simon Petrie

When Hope Is All You Have
by David Kernot

The Return Of The Were Bat
by Tony Owens

Social Experiment
by David Scholes

Chlorophyll Haven
by DW Walker

By Derek Smith

Acquired Distaste
Kevin J. Phyland

by Paul Sheringham

Does Whatever
by Wes Parish

One More Deja Again
by Tom Grayhorse

A Lively Discussion Over The Merits Of Flash Fiction
by PS Cottier

January 2015


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Is Jeeves There?

Janauary 2015 Radio Shows

Atria January 3
The Over Class - by Zeb Carter
News Just To Hand - by Simon Petrie
Blang!- by Harris Tobias

Koo She January 10
Of Fields, Half Sown - by Kurt Hunt
HAD - by Shaun Saunders

Polaris January 17
Perceptions 3 (Reunion) - by Christine Gladstone
Pogonophobia - by Paul Hughan

Mirzam January 24
Deserted Village - by DW Walker
Words On A Page - by Tsana Dolichva
A Terminology Dispute - by Wes Parish

Alphard January 31
Books To Look Out For - by Rob Hood
Soon The Teeth - by Kirstyn McDermott
Prime Cuts - by Jason Nahrung

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Tad Williams, Caliban's Hour

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