The Master

By Robert David

sfgenreSomeone left the door open again. That’s the fourth person today to jump from the hovercraft and leave the hatch open. I shiver in the chilly draught from outside, my ears buzzing with anger and grudge. Maybe I am too sensitive as I have been told so many times. For the fourth time this day, I close the hatch, grumbling.

I’m tired. After a seven-hour flight, I now return to my king, the one who writes and writes even when he answers the call of nature — the one who writes so consistently, and reads nothing but his own writing.

I suppose I have only myself to blame. It had always been my dream to become an Empire hovercraft pilot. That destiny, or maybe that hazard, inevitably brought me into contact with the Master.

I initiate a slow landing. Crenellated towers with layers of twined ivy rise out of the wheat field at the bottom of the Parent Knot. Another transfer-er descends into the entry Knot. I follow that craft, relaxed, with my peephole open, welcoming the caress of the after-rain sunlight streaming through the porthole of the Control Tower.

It seems Atmospheric Control have started a new simulation under the Master’s window. I pass through the crowns of trees and land near the entry in a concert of happy quavers.

It is time. My palms sweat, a dull pain constricts my chest, and a sneaking discomfort lurks under my forehead. I close the cockpit behind me. A zephyr puffs the smell of dry grass into my nose.

I climb the stone stairs and step onto the first one-way roll. It takes me to the disinfection room, where I see the Master’s face appear from under a fir flavoured steamjet. I’ll meet him as soon as this welcome protocol ends. One of the dodecahedron’s sides slides, and the steam rises towards the evacuation room.

The Master sits at his desk. He writes. He raises his head and releases the marker. It’s the biggest honour for me to be here. I kneel. He arises and I feel his fingers clench my elbow, a sign of familiarity.

‘Stand-up!’ he says. ‘What’s the news?’ The Master’s voice is cold, yet he smiles. His narrowed eyes tell me he is preoccupied.

‘It’s quiet in the tree, Master!’ I say with a quivering voice. ‘No leaf falls.’

He gives me a nod of understanding and tightens the grip on my elbow. His widening smile strengthens my gratitude. One day, if I’ll have nephews, I’ll tell them this story with pride.

‘I am concerned about the Tree’s strength,’ the Master says. ‘I appreciate your promptitude; you’re serving a noble cause.’ He leads me to one of the office’s exits, bearing the same honest smile.

I exit the room of one the most important people to guide my passage through time. In a few hours now, during the highest audience interval, Global Information Services will present to the entire Tree how they welcomed me at the residence in Father Knot. I will be amongst the thirty persons of the day who have managed Knots and Leaves from the entire arborescence in a single summer day, accomplishing one of the most beautiful dreams possible.

I am happy. All my sorrow has disappeared. I really did something for the Tree even though I came back alone. I don’t need to ask myself what the Tree can do for me.

What beautiful words…It’s quiet…And it’s good…

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About The Author

Robert David

robert davidRobert David is based in Bucharest, Romania. In his spare time, Robert is working to help his short stories to travel accross the world. "The Master" is Robert's second short story published by AntipodeanSF. More about the autor on his website: <>


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