Crash Dummy

By Roger Ley

sfgenreIt wouldn’t be a long flight, and Father Toby hoped that the aisle seat next to him would stay empty, but no such luck, a young woman took it. He checked her over as she lifted her bag up to the overhead locker. He couldn't help it: he might be a priest, but he still had a full set of human instincts, even though age had blunted some of them, made them easier for him to handle. The woman nodded to him as she took her seat, she was very attractive, wearing a black business suit with a short jacket and knee-length skirt.

He decided to include her in his prayers, his usual policy when he saw a good-looking woman: he prayed that their beauty wouldn’t lead them into sin. He’d talked about this years ago at the seminary near Dublin with his confessor, Father George. It had been his idea, and it seemed to work.

After take-off he dozed for a while. When he awoke, he half-opened his eyes and saw that his companion was mouthing silently and moving her fingers. Was she praying, saying the Rosary? Perhaps she was a nervous flier. As he moved, she looked over and smiled. ‘I hope I didn’t wake you, Father, I was just finishing my report.’

Report? It was the first time he’d heard praying referred to as that, and he was in the business, so to speak. Perhaps it was some new slang he’d not heard. He couldn’t place her accent. Perhaps English wasn’t her mother tongue, and she’d learned the language with a British accent, rather than the more usual American one.

The flight attendant brought drinks, he told them they’d be landing at Santiago in about an hour. ‘We’ll be down before that,’ muttered his companion. She stared into her gin and tonic for a moment, then looked up and offered her hand.

‘My name’s Farina, at least that’s my original’s name.’

Original name. Did she mean her maiden name?

‘I’m Father Toby,’ he said.

She smiled brightly and asked him why he was flying to Santiago. He told her he was visiting his sister who lived in Valparaiso. They chatted about this and that and he told her the story of his sister’s whirlwind romance with her Chilean boyfriend, after they’d met on a blind date. It had been twenty years ago, when they were both working in London, but he knew that women love to hear about that sort of thing. He asked her what she did for a living.

‘I’m an air crash investigator,’ she said.

‘So, you must have had a lot of training for that.’

‘My original did.’

Original, again, Father Toby was puzzled, but years of listening to confessions had taught him to let people talk, and things would usually become clear in the end.

‘So, do you investigate all sorts of air crashes or do you specialise?’ He was just making conversation, he noticed that she had amber-coloured eyes, unusual and quite captivating.

‘Well, Farina does. She specialises in unexplained commercial aviation accidents of the early 21st century.’

‘I haven’t heard of any air crashes in South America recently,’ he said.

‘No, but there’ll be one soon.’

‘Really, so you know which planes are going to crash beforehand?’ he chuckled as he raised his glass to his lips.

‘On this occasion, yes, because it’ll be this one.’ The plane bumped at just that moment. It took him by surprise, he mopped at his spilt drink with a tissue. ‘I’ve found that some of the navigation systems are wrongly calibrated, and there is an unusual wind shear in the Jetstream.’ She stared at him intently. ‘The pilots think they’re travelling faster than they are. Then there’s the fog over the mountains that we need to cross. It all adds up, it’s always a combination of factors that lead to an accident.’ She nodded sagely and appeared to relax. ‘The pilots will try to land too early and fly into a mountain. The plane will disappear, so I conjecture it will be covered by ice and snow. Difficult terrain, impossible to find, unusually the flight recorder will never be found either.’ She sat back and looked at him, ‘What a shame there isn’t room for us to fool around, Father Toby, I’d like to have tried it once.’ There was a wistfulness in her voice.

He hoped she was joking, he was wearing a dog collar, although it wasn’t always as big a deterrent as it was supposed to be. Just for a moment an inappropriate picture of the two of them came into his mind. He decided he must include her in his prayers as soon as possible.

Father Toby took a slow sip of his single malt. ‘How could you possibly know all this before it’s actually happened?’ He was beginning to feel uncomfortable sitting next to her. They hadn’t been given an inflight meal, so there was no plastic cutlery around — when he worked as a prison chaplain, he remembered that one inmate had killed another with a sharpened toothbrush.

‘Well, Father,’ she leaned closer. ‘Actually, I’m a synthetic, an artificial person.’

‘A synthetic? You mean you were grown in a tank? Like in the movies?’ He laughed quietly, but she didn’t. He looked around to see if there were any flight attendants nearby, in case he needed help. He could see they were all busy towards the back of the plane: there seemed to be some sort of medical emergency. An overweight male passenger lay in the aisle with people gathered around him. He thought about going down there and offering to give extreme unction. It might be safer.

‘Yes, Father, grown for this assignment.’

He wondered if she was making this up as she went along, or was she suffering a long-term delusion. She didn’t seem delusional.

He pointed at her glass and tried to crack her logic, ‘Do synthetics need to drink?’

‘It’s just a social convention, I can void food and liquids later.’

She was so attractive, perhaps she was an entertainer of some sort, maybe this was a spoof laid on by his “friends” at the seminary. He looked around but couldn’t see anyone using their smartphone to record them. He tried a different tack.

‘So, how come you can tell me all this? Isn’t it against the rules, against the Prime Directive, so to speak?’

‘You’d be right under normal circumstances, Father, but as we have such a short time left, and there will be no survivors….’ She left the rest unsaid.

‘No survivors? How do you feel about that?’ He was remembering one of the many counselling courses he’d taken over the years.

‘I’ve transmitted all the data and fulfilled my function. Copies get deleted, it’s just a fact of life. My original lives on, that should be all that matters.’ He noticed there were tears in her eyes. ‘But the thing is, Father, it seems such a waste. I could have had a life. I’m not supposed to feel like this, there must have been a mistake in the copying process. Synths of my grade are not supposed to have emotions.’ She began weeping quietly.

He put an arm around her. ‘There, there, my child, don’t upset yourself,’ he said. ‘Now tell me, is there any medication that you’re supposed to be taking? Let’s just have a little look in your purse, here.’ The lighting dimmed as the plane began losing height and slid into the cloud bank covering the Andes.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has illuminated the seat belt signs as we are beginning our descent into Santiago International airport. Please ensure that your seat back and folding tray are in the upright position.’

He couldn’t find any medication, so he comforted the “crash dummy” and wondered idly if a “synthetic person” could have a soul. It would make for an interesting discussion with his students next semester.

Their seats were near the front of the plane. The security door to the flight deck opened, and a young pilot, probably the first officer, stepped out and looked anxiously down the aisle towards the knot of people gathered around the fallen passenger.

Behind the pilot, Father Toby heard an alarm start to warble and a robotic voice began repeating: ‘Pull up, pull up, pull up…’

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About The Author

Roger Ley

roger ley punch judy 200Roger Ley feels that there is a lot to be learned about political correctness from ‘Punch and Judy’ shows.

‘Crash Dummy’ is one of the stories in his recently released speculative fiction collection, 'Dead People on Facebook.' All the stories in the collection have been published, podcast or broadcast in the last year, and Steampunk author Jessica Lucci included ‘Dead People on Facebook’ in her January reading list for 2019.

His other book, ‘Chronoscape,’ is a well-received science fiction novel about time and alternate realities.

Find him at <>

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